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It's all coming back to me

I am realizing that this move is teaching me a list of things:

1. The economy sucks for everyone. Period.
2. Make sure you take all documents with you before you leave. Even ones that seem blah.
3. Trying to get use to making your own meals is harder with the other person's choices.
4. Sleeping at night is more complicated when you no longer have a bed to yourself.
5. Driving around areas you are just learning can be difficult once you get lost.
6. Having a budget of money you can't really spend is impossible when you have no other income.
7. You realize the smallest things about home, even the bad, you miss them.
8. What they teach you in school will NEVER compare to the real life.

So right now, you may think all this means I regret moving to Boise with Baltis. However, I only regret that I didn't do most of these things in advance so I am not caught up in this tangle of a mess. I am still living here, and not planning to run back home. There's nothing that says if I go back home, that I will get a job or be happier. I have to make my own happiness and that's that. Now, to go for an interview where I hope to nail a job. Later


New Journal

Decided to leave the old account, too many past things attached to that. This journal will be friends only as well. I'll try posting more for once as well :P


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